Monday, July 20, 2009


You know what is really hard? Being yourself. I'm almost half a century old and I still find ways to shield my true self. I'm not sure why we do this or maybe I'm the only one that does. I know I have many different selves. Maybe that is it....I'm different things to different people. I'm different at school than I am at home. I'm different with different people. I change to fit them. Wow. So my goal is to be more consistent- authentic. In what I say, in how I react, and in how I live. In doing so maybe I can shed this outer layer ( both physical and mental) and find the real me. I know I'm in here somewhere. 

I'm Yours

Thanks Jason Mraz, for your inspiration. :) If you don't know who he should look up his songs. They are awesome. His philosophy is finally something I can relate to. I find the older I get the more I search for more meaningful  spiritual realities and look for more meaning in my life. So I'm changing my path for a while. I'll probably need some reminders to get back on this path, but here I go !! 

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer's summer. I love being off work and home! It's time to rejuvenate and do all the extra-cleaning, sorting, and errand running you can't do when you work. However this summer like last summer we've decided to move to a new house...again...   We just moved out here last August. I really like the house and yard. It's the drive that is hard. It added about 15-20 minutes to our drive. Parker is too active and this isn't working. Plus he misses his friends. We are moving into our old neighborhood just a different house. :) If all goes well and we sell this one in a reasonable amount of time we should be ok. If this house sits for too long it might be an issue. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I am in mourning for this house. It truly is a dream house. The yard is fabulous and you feel like you are at a retreat. But the drive doesn't justify the view and quietness. So city life here we come. The stagers are here now making it look like a "showpiece" and I'll post the before and after pics. In the meantime I'll enjoy the birds and fish and tranquility.