Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Missing My Mom

Sometimes I forget she is gone and I think I need to call her and tell her something.
 It is happening less and less. 
Her house is sold and all we have left is memories.
I am so incredibly blessed and grateful I had a mom for so many years. 
What a treasure!!! 
She really wasn't a dog person at all.
 But you wouldn't know it from this picture :) 

Sunday, April 25, 2010


This is Parker asleep. 
He sleeps with his left eye partially open because he had surgery on his eyelid when he was four. 
He doesn't believe me when I tell him his eye is open. 
So I took a picture!!
 Now he believes me. 

Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Day Off

I love having a free day off for Fiesta. I don't even go to Fiesta, but I'll sure take the day off.

Today was errands day. I got my monthly pedicure, and wax. And even a manicure this time. Then I begrudgingly took Parker and his friend to CiCi's for pizza (blech). I had promised him though. Sigh.

 THEN we went to the Boerne courthouse and applied for our passports. This is something we've been meaning to do for a while. So methinks this summer we will go to the Cayman Islands. It's a 50th birthday for Bubby.

I wonder if I can loose say OH 50 lbs by then? ha.
Dreaming of swimming with the fish! 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I've been walking thanks to this guy~
Jack keeps me on my toes for sure. If you don't walk him, he lets you know by incessantly hounding ( haha) you to death. Tonight Parker and I did a mile with him and Molly.
  Honestly a mile isn't enough for Jack, but it's all we had time for as Parker had lots of homework.

Tonight I walked fast, so fast that it became a run. Yes a run. Me. Uh huh. Bad back  and bad heal and I can still trot.

Of course Parker could walk as fast as my run but he's a 15 year old athlete :) It felt so good!!!!

Thank you Jack for keeping me moving!!!!
  PS I forgive you for the Gatoraide bottle you chewed up that still had Gatoraide in it which is now all over my bedroom carpet. Sigh. 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

That's What I'm Talking About

I've was watching a woman walking with her young boys. She was helping the younger one on a tricycle thingy while the older one was on his Razor scooter. I remember Parker at both those ages and how much fun we had going on walks. But my first thought was I'm glad he's older. I thought at every age it was the "best"age, but as he gets older I enjoy him more and more. How can that be? I loved the baby stage, I loved the toddler stage, I loved the elementary years and middle school years. It just gets better and better. It doesn't get easier just better. 
This car stage is fun. He turns 16 in June and already got his new car. He is becoming more and more responsible every day. I love it. Soon he will be gone. That's OK because I expect it to just get better and better. It always does! 

I did It

I walked. A real walk. Not the dog walks around neighborhood. A real walk with hills. It was 45 minutes up the "big" hill and back. I used to do this walk often. My back was aching, but now it's not. It felt good to get out and do something.
I ate a yogurt w/ blueberries before I left and now I'm shaky, so I'm eating a Luna protein bar. :) I tired the oat bran w/ almond butter but it didn't go down. It had a good taste. I'm always just not hungry in the morning until it hits, then I'm ravished. I'm also drinking a huge glass of water something I don't get enough of when I teach!!! Happy Sunday.


Today I'm back on track. That's how I roll, one day out of three months. LOL I'm constantly held back by stress. As soon as I de-stress the other me emerges. The "me" that wants to eat healthy and exercise and has energy. I don't know how to share that energy with my job and with my personal life. After a day of teaching I just want to come home and get in bed and re-charge. Bad habit. Working with at-risk kids is emotionally draining. I need to find a better balance.

This morning I made oat bran cereal with almond milk and a couple of spoonfuls of almond butter. Jenna@ Eat, Live, Run eats a version of this. It was OK..but I put in too much almond. I've never been fond of oatmeal unless I have toast with it or unless it has a lot of sugar. So I think I'll stick to my yogurt and fruit!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Present

Three of the last four weeks I've had headaches. Don't know if it's the pollen in the air or what, but it was not fun. It was enough to get me off track of being healthy. This time I'm going to start noting my feelings and try to separate them from food and see if I can actually do that.