Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Time for gratitude. Time to open up to the Universe and let possibilities flow in! Live to learn~

I'm so grateful for- 

My family
Our closeness
Our unity 
My dogs and their unending love
Heat of Summer
Being active
Riding my bike 
Riding my bike far
Fish Tacos
Lunch out
This house
This time off
My job
My health
An open mind

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fifty Pounds Ago

Today I asked hubby to go ride bikes. He's been wanting to ride the trail from Valero to where ever it ends. We started at 10 AM. I was worried it would be too hot. It was! Turns out there are 12 miles of trail that are finished. We ended up at Ingram Park Mall! Met a wino there ( he called himself that). Awesome. 

But it was more than a ride for me. It was a challenge and I met it. I wanted to prove that I could ride and keep up with my husband who rides much more than I do. I think I did ok. Even he admitted it was hard. That made me feel good. It wasn't that hard, but it was hard. I could have gone much further if I had water and stopped. So I know I can do longer rides. I would have never thought 50 lbs ago I could ride 20 miles much less 24. Life is good when you take care of yourself. And I'm learning!