Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Scary Stuff

Link up and show us something you've created for Halloween, anything qualifies...costumes, recipes, crafts, party invites, treats, decorations etc..  This post is inspired by Mama Kats

Mama's Losin' It

 This Halloween like all others I didn't make anything. So I thought I would share pictures of stuff I see on my walks with Jack....  Oh, I'm m-a-k-i-n-g a photo gallery. So I did make something! Here ya go: 

This one little cul-de-sac always goes all day it looks like this....

By night it looks like this...

In fact, every one on that street put's out pumpkins w/ lights.... 

Lots of spooky thinks we see

Ancient burial ground? 

Beware of bats and ghosts

Happy Halloween..not spooky!

This really freaked out Jack. He wasn't keen on the new additions to the yard. 

 Nice and scary!!

Darn wind

Just in case you get lost.

Not a fan of rats. LOL 

Gremlin guarding the fire hydrant...always necessary at Halloween!! 

Same house with the owner who has too much time on his hands. LOL 

Love the spooky goblins that have come out. 

A coffin awaits you!

Just get me home...this is all too scary. You humans are weird. :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Acorn Overload

I have no idea what game Miss Mother Nature is playing on us, but I don't like it. 

It's the damn acorns. 
They keep coming and coming. 
We sweep them up every two days and they just  come back. 
I mean, really. How many of these things does one tree need to produce? 

Why? Why this year and not last? 

We are having some very unwelcome nighttime visitors as a result. 
The patio chair has what looks like cat hair? Really? We don't have cats.
We have two dogs that don't like cats. 

Or was it a cat? Looked like cat hair. 
Do rats shed? Gosh I hope not. 
Do squirrels come out at night? 

Whatever it is I wish I would go away.

All I hear when it's quiet is: Plunk....rooooolllllll  or DINK...dink..... or capowwww......
And Jack...Jack likes to bring them in and then drop them and walk away.
Acorns suck. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ding Dang Weight

I dunno what is going on with my body.
 How can I gain and loose three pounds of water over night repeatedly? I need to stay off the scale. Next week I guess I'll weigh in once and then be done. One day this week it swooped down low..then was back up. I'm going to have to be more meticulous with points?
I'm writing everything down. Not snacking.
I could eat more fresh fruits. Maybe incorporate something a bit more aerobic. sigh.
Weight loss is hard. :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend ReCap

Why do weekends go by so fast?
This weekend I~ 
1. Performed with our school's dance team at the halftime football game. It was really fun.
2. Drove with my son's school basketball team to two businesses to take pictures for the program book. 
3. Had fun taking their pictures. :) 
4. Got groceries. Did Laundry. Cleaned the house. 
5. Read all my magazines.
6. Caught up on TV shows.
7. Took three naps! 
8. Walked a total of 7.5 miles.
9. Shopped for baby gifts and a purse. Only got the baby gifts. 
10. Entered a butt load of grades into the computer for school. 

That's what I call a relaxing weekend. :) Happy Monday. 

They have a hard time being silly in front of parents. LOL 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The View of My World

Inspired by Mama Kat's Writing Workshop !!!!

The View out My Front Door

Just Kidding. I wish. LOL 

Looking Out 

Looking In 

Looking Further Out 

Looking Down My Street

My Backyard Sanctuary 

My Kid's Legs. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Teeny Tiny Weekend

Wow, the weekend flew by. I think it was the gorgeous weather, not working, relaxing, that made it fast.

Here is a capsule update:
1. Weight is coming off slow. I'm down 22 lbs. Down a pant size.
2. Still walking my 3 miles a night. I bike when I can. I want to increase that, because Sunday I rode 7 miles and my tailbone is sore again. lol
3. Dillards and Macys  have crappy clothes right now. Just saying.
4. Ordered more shoes online. Husband is not thrilled. I'm on a quest for my heal not to hurt. He has to understand I'm on my feet all day. With about two 45 blocks of time when I eat and plan. I need comfort.
5. We might have a contract on the house!!! More to come.
6. Supposed to be a shooting at my son's school today. Let me tell you rumors fly like crazy. It all stems from two teen suicides the last couple weeks at a different school. Parker informs me he will be fine. LOL I've experienced some interesting parent panic episodes in my teaching years, so I feel comfortable saying this is silly.
7. I have three more weeks with the Academy Kids before we get new ones. I'm ready. They have overstayed their welcome. I'll have to explain them in a post. But they are like wild animals at this point!
8. I won at Bunco Friday night. :)
9. I found pants (smaller size) at Target. I'm hoping they only fit for a month and then are too small. hehe
10. I got asked to be a Dance Team girl's partner on Friday at the half-time show. What have I gotten myself into?