Monday, October 4, 2010

Teeny Tiny Weekend

Wow, the weekend flew by. I think it was the gorgeous weather, not working, relaxing, that made it fast.

Here is a capsule update:
1. Weight is coming off slow. I'm down 22 lbs. Down a pant size.
2. Still walking my 3 miles a night. I bike when I can. I want to increase that, because Sunday I rode 7 miles and my tailbone is sore again. lol
3. Dillards and Macys  have crappy clothes right now. Just saying.
4. Ordered more shoes online. Husband is not thrilled. I'm on a quest for my heal not to hurt. He has to understand I'm on my feet all day. With about two 45 blocks of time when I eat and plan. I need comfort.
5. We might have a contract on the house!!! More to come.
6. Supposed to be a shooting at my son's school today. Let me tell you rumors fly like crazy. It all stems from two teen suicides the last couple weeks at a different school. Parker informs me he will be fine. LOL I've experienced some interesting parent panic episodes in my teaching years, so I feel comfortable saying this is silly.
7. I have three more weeks with the Academy Kids before we get new ones. I'm ready. They have overstayed their welcome. I'll have to explain them in a post. But they are like wild animals at this point!
8. I won at Bunco Friday night. :)
9. I found pants (smaller size) at Target. I'm hoping they only fit for a month and then are too small. hehe
10. I got asked to be a Dance Team girl's partner on Friday at the half-time show. What have I gotten myself into?

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Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

Yay for down a pant size!!! Bravo!

Bunco winner! Woo-hoo!!

School shooting? UHHHGGGG!!! Why do we have to worry about this kind of thing in our society?