Thursday, September 30, 2010

And Then I Panicked

Mama's Losin' It

Inspired my MamaKats :)  

My child. He turned 16 this summer and got his license and I think he's a pretty good driver. Last summer however, was a different story.

Once he got his permit, he was roaring to drive on the open roads- out of the neighborhood. My husband, when asked to take him,  flat out said, No thanks. So it was just me and him.

I thought it best to start with teaching him how to fill up gas, so I suggested we go to the near by gas station to practice pulling up to the pumps. All went well on the drive over there. But I did notice a few things...his hands were in "death grip" mode. His back was WET. He was nervous. Sweat trickled ever so slowly from his head.  He was excited. It was the first time on the road (without the benefit of the driving school teacher with his own set of brakes) in the BIG Ford F150 4X4- his soon to be truck. We pull up to the pump. However, Parker, pulls right into the middle of the two sides of the pump-right smack dab in the middle of the lane. I'm laughing at him..making fun of him...teasing him. ( I have to do it whenever I can, ok). So I say...ok...just back up and we'll try it again.
Well, he does. But he got mixed up and floored it- while in reverse.

And then I panicked.

But he stopped. And I didn't know whether to laugh or yell. I laughed...he claims he got confused. I calm him gently pull forward to the pump and we'll get this done. Well, he does. But he got mixed up again and floored it.

And then I panicked.

But he stopped. This time I yelled. He claims he was nervous. People were watching him. (They weren't) Ok I laughed too. He was sweating steadily by now. I have never let him forget that, nor do I plan to forget it. It's good fodder for teasing.

Later we decided to go back out and try going through a drive through for some fast food. He changed shirts. Showered. He gets in the car to wait for me. As I'm coming out, he is coming towards me..extreemly frustrated. What's wrong? ...Mom...the car is's not working. It just rolls when I put it in gear. Sure enough, everytime I put it in gear to back up we would we roll forward. I try and try and sure enough it was broken. Shit. Shoot, what had we done? The truck is already not working. What would my husband say????

And then I panicked.

But it wasn't broken. He hadn't started the car. Air was on. Radio was on. Motor was off. Sigh.

Later that week when we drove again his confidence soared. We were heading home on a two lane road leading to our house. Now mind you,  I'm not a yeller. I don't raise my voice. I don't usually get excited. Up ahead however,  is an 18 -wheeler and I tell Parker...slow down because for some strange reason, he's stopping. There was no place for the big truck to turn, so it was weird. Nevertheless it was stopping. But Parker wasn't. I wait to say something. I wait. Come on Parker..... I wait a bit more. Can't wait....

And then I panicked.

And screamed, .
STOP. YOU ARE GOING TO HIT ITTTTTTTTTT. What are you thinking????
 He stopped. Just barely. Not funny. He was insensed. Why did you yell at me? I stopped. Why would a truck just stop? That is so dumb. Stupid truck. His sweat flowed now, and it was too late, I lost my trust in his driving sense. While it was a good lesson in unpredictability, defensive driving, it was too close for comfort.

He earned my trust back after a while. And, we've had some good times in that truck mostly concerning parking. It seems to be a source of pride to be able to park a large truck between two small cars. Of course that graduated into backing it in without hitting anything.  I even let him drive me up the busy I 35 and into Dallas. He did fine. Now my panic comes when he's supposed to be coming home and I hear sirens. That kind of panic. Just a wee bit of mom- panic.  Mostly though, I just laugh and trust him. I hope I taught him well.


sarahmarie315 said...

I don't have kids...yet. But I think I put my parents through the same thing...LOL.

Stopping by from MamaKats! Aren't the writing prompts fun? Have a great day!

Mariposa said...

Ha! It's funny how intimidating driving is when they start off. Too bad most forget about it so soon... lol You are a brave woman! :)

Carol said...

I am such a bad passenger with an experienced driver, I could never have taught my kids to drive. Fortunately they managed to learn - somehow.

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

I know that sirens-in-the-distance-and-Sonny's-out-in-his-car sickening feeling. We will always worry because we are moms. With boys....