Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Farting in Class

Fart-Toot-or Poot (as my mom preferred)
Never funny to the teacher.
Always funny to students.
Mortifying to be the producer of such gaseous release.
Which would be me.
The teacher.

I was standing in front of my ninth-grader honors class…talking about the assignment. When BAM….ONE….Quick….TOOT….not deadly…but LOUD……

Immediately I think….OMG….OMG…do I laugh??….do I play it off??? I turning red???…..I didn’t feel it coming on…….Shit I’m getting old….. Are they laughing????..……did they even notice it?….or….oh I don’t know…..Keep talking …Keep talking…..pretend you didn't just let one.......

I played it off. I don’t know if they noticed it or not. If they did they forgot about it or were polite enough to ignore it. But inside I was sooo mortified. That’s not supposed to happen to the teacher. Ha Ha…Will I ever grow up before I get old?

Inspired by Mama Kats!!!!!!!!!!!
3.) Why were you mortified?  Write about a true embarrassing moment as though it was happening in slow motion.
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tanya said...

Ahh, bodily noises. They do have a way of embarrassing the hell out of us. Unless you are my 8 year old, who is very proud that she can now arm and leg fart! Great post.

Paula said...

LOL!! I often consider doing a blog post about the, um, effects on my digestive system of sugar free products but I haven't had the guts (ha ha) yet! Thanks for your courageousness!

cathyjoy said...


is hysterical!

i think i?

would've fallen to the floor in mortification or?

laughed my ass off! said...

hA! OH my goodness you have me rolling! I would totally been red as a beet!

parentingBYdummies said...

I always blame those on chairs and/or shoes. I never admit to cracking one off in public. NEVER!

Rhonda said...

Wow. That is hysterical. Thanks for a good laugh. It's one of those, it will just seep out and then BAM. How mortifying. but nice to know it happens to the best of us!

Your 'oblivious' students have a story forever you know!

Dawn said...

I commented over on Its a Daily Thing but... seriously they did not hear it. If they had? 9th graders are 14. If there are 14 yo boys in that class and they heard it... you would have known. Unless you happen to have the country's quota of polite 14 yo boys all in your class then... maybe they heard it and were too polite to say anything. But, I doubt it.

pegbur7 said...

That was great! Totally was not epecting it to be you as the teacher at first. I agree that if they heard it you would have at least heard the snickering. I don't think any 14 or 15 yo boy would be able to hold in at least a chuckle over a teacher farting.

Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

Cheryl said...

Farts are always funny - so if they'd heard it, they'd be laughing. I think you're safe...until the next time!

My girlfriend farted in high school and they called her "toot" for awhile, but then someone else farted and they forgot all about her..Plus, when it's a popular girl, it's different.

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

That is so hilarious, even if it wasn't at the time!

By plowing ahead, I think they will wonder if what they heard was real, if they heard it at all. We have to remember that when our body betrays us like that, what's loud to us might not be audible to the general population. Or to teenagers, who listen to the beat of their own drum anyway.

Thanks for sharing! Cute post!