Monday, September 6, 2010

Indelible Moments 1968

Sometimes I can't remember what I came into the kitchen for, but I remember this certain day in January 1968. It's one of those indelible moments forever etched in memory. My brother, and I share our birthday and I remember wanting a gun, just something simple. I wanted to be able to play cowboys and indians with the neighbor boys.

This was our birth day. 
I remember opening the birthday present. 
Not a gun....but a gun and holster and cowboy hat and boots. YEEEE HAW.. 
My parents out- did themselves. 
Then the strange family next door brought over a gift. Frilly pink underwear- type things with poodles on them and very girly.

What I remember most that day was how happy I was with something so simple
Happiness is indelible. 
Whatever I've been through in life, I know how to be happy. 
And it always comes back to something so simple. 

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Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

Oh, my gosh, is that an adorable photo or WHAT? The innocence of childhood as demonstrated by a topless cowgirl!