Saturday, March 23, 2013


Nature's Cheese Puffs 

You can pretty much ignore the post before this. I didn't run. Well I did. My knee hurt and I stopped. I'll stick to biking and walking.

It's been so long since I've felt like being on here. Funny how that happens. School and trying to keep up with it consumes me. Simply zaps what little energy I have. I'm avoiding all the grading I have brought home this weekend because I simply am tired of it. Soon the BIG TEST will be over and maybe the students can enjoy English again.

Since the last publication: 

Parker had his first successful semester at the local junior college.
He is in the midst of being at a university now and LOVES it.
He is still with his girly friend.  All. The. Time.  He studies often and isn't involved in university life, but then again that's not all bad.
Our winter ski trip included her and another friend of theirs. We had a great time. I skied my best in years.
Hubby bought a CPA business. Right now it's hard for him. He thinks he likes it. Not sure. Ask after April 15th!
I'm still grading papers. I did get a student teacher which is hard. I don't like letting go. But she is doing a great job and very helpful. I'm grading the stuff that is crucial. And there is a lot. These kids write all the time. STAAR test ya know.
I'm riding my bike. Hubby not so much. Over spring break I rode three times which was every other day for a bit. It was awesome. That is so what I need. If I get caught up I'll continue to keep riding like that. No big rides for us until after April 15th.
I started WW. Stopped WW. Started WW. Stopped WW. Sigh.

So…nothing really fabulous.