Saturday, June 16, 2012

I'm Back ….Again…...

Just a work in progress 

While I was gone from here being busy, I seemed to have picked up some bad habits. Mostly eating bad habits. The really bad kind. The kind that involve ---late night sneaking into the pantry--- kind of habit-- if you know what I mean. It's all associated with boredom and TV. So no more late night TV. I will read or do this…anything but sit in my comfy chair with a box of BIG CHEEZITS or ice cream or goldfish. ugh. 
 And tonight …. I was actually getting online to see if I had any skinny pictures to inspire me only to realize that my skinny pictures are really kind of still me being fat. When I lost my 50 lbs I felt so good and healthy. I even thought I looked good. People told me I did…..I felt good. But now that I've settled into this weight, I realize I'm still limited in my physical activity much the same as I was before, even though I've accomplished so much since the initial weight loss. While I can do a lot more physical activities, I'm no where near where I should be. So I'm hoping to get back into the swing of Weight Watcher points. 
Here is what I am doing right: 

Still walking at night although not as consistently. 
Riding my mountain bike 27+ miles weekly on pavement. 
Riding my real mountain bike 8+ miles on trails weekly. 
I haven't gotten into the habit of eating fast food at all. I don't drink cokes. I eat good stuff mostly. I just eat too much of it!! 

So onward I go…lots to catch up on!