Sunday, January 30, 2011

January is Weird

I'm not sure I like January or February for that matter. They are too unpredictable. Take today for example. It was in the high 70's. My husband mowed the dang yard. What is up with that. Because in a couple days we are expecting snow? HUH? Really. humph.

I'm just ready for spring. I'm ready for more daylight. I'm ready to make my walks more interesting. Four miles a day is making the weight come off but it's becoming B-O-R-I-N-G!

I think I will head over to I-Tunes and see if I can download a book or something to listen to. I'd rather be swimming. hmph.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I Like About Him

" Something unique you love about your significant other." This is Mama Kats weekly writing prompt! 

So what do I love about HIM??

He is so hot!! I mean, look at those pecks. 


...that he is so predictable.
 (That way when he does surprise me it's really fun).

...that he likes to do lawn work. 
My neighbors get jealous that he actually likes working in the yard. 

He tries to do what I like to do, even though we both know he won't like it

He sat on the boat while Parker and I played with the stingrays. 

... that he never complains about my mood swings. 

... that he always drives. 

... that he spends a lot of time with Parker. 

... that he helps with laundry. 

...that he cleans the pool and never complain even though I mostly use it. 

... that he gets up at 5 to walk Jack. 

...that he like sports so much. 

...that he listens to me and my advice. 

... that he likes me whatever size or shape I am. 

...that he isn't one bit lazy. 

... that he is OCD about: 
his desk, locking doors, folding undies, checking for his wallet, checking that the emergencies brake is off, double checking 15,000 times any decision we make, etc.

... that he hates it when I cry. 

... that he likes my family. 

... that he secretly babies the dogs. 

Ok...his ego is probably getting big...and I could go on and on. 
So I'll stop. 
I just love him for the imperfect perfect person he is. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm Getting Better

One of the things I'm trying to do in my life is not sleep though it. I think in the past when things got tough for me, I'd just crawl in bed and zone out, and then sleep or eat. I'm over that. Now I walk. Walking 4 miles requires patience. Having patience forced on you is not easy. I see the same streets, houses, and signs over and over. So it forces me to go inward and therefore deal with my stress in a more healthful way. I can't say enough about walking.

So with all this free time I'm hoping to do more of the things I enjoy in life....writing, taking pictures, and reading.

Blogging is such a great outlet for the writing and photography. Everyone has their own reasons for blogging. I haven't figured out mine yet, but I do know it's a rush when someone reads it and comments. I spend hours and hours reading other blogs! It's kind of like reality TV!

In the spirit of change and balance I hope to write more, read more, and take pictures of things that inspire ME. I'm not a good picture taker at all....nor am I a good writer. But I love doing both so that is good enough for me :) 
So from me to I am and here I go! 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weekly Food Update for Fun


Playing catch up...

I get migraines monthly...not too horrible..but enough to make me miserable. I do take meds which are great but they really make me tired. I crave quiet time when I have a headache. In the past I've used the headaches as an excuse to eat poorly and not do much of anything when I was having them. Sometimes just going to work was the most I could do. Now I'm not letting them slow me down too much. I don't feed into them. I exercise with them or without them. I don't eat them away either like I used to. That being said yesterday's headache got the best of me. I waited too long to take the meds as I was at work - teaching. I had to stay very late at school and so when I got home I was a mess. I ate and got in bed!!! So no exercise for me!
I did eat well- still had 2 points I didn't use.

Today I took the meds before it got bad and the result was much better!!!

Walked three brisk miles with Jack- burned 330 calories! ( I have a Garmin GPS watch that is fun to use!)

B= Coffee w/ FF cream (2)
Banana -0
Luna protein bar-5

L = Turkey/ mustard/ ff cheese sandwhich = 4
Chicken and stars soup=2
lots of water
Snack= grapes -0

Dinner= 2 chicken/bean/lettuce/tom ( Hardly any cheese) chalupas- 8?
each= 16

29 points...

I am doing a nightly workout which includes:
10 pushups,butt tucks, = for about 15 minutes......