Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I Like About Him

" Something unique you love about your significant other." This is Mama Kats weekly writing prompt! 

So what do I love about HIM??

He is so hot!! I mean, look at those pecks. 


...that he is so predictable.
 (That way when he does surprise me it's really fun).

...that he likes to do lawn work. 
My neighbors get jealous that he actually likes working in the yard. 

He tries to do what I like to do, even though we both know he won't like it

He sat on the boat while Parker and I played with the stingrays. 

... that he never complains about my mood swings. 

... that he always drives. 

... that he spends a lot of time with Parker. 

... that he helps with laundry. 

...that he cleans the pool and never complain even though I mostly use it. 

... that he gets up at 5 to walk Jack. 

...that he like sports so much. 

...that he listens to me and my advice. 

... that he likes me whatever size or shape I am. 

...that he isn't one bit lazy. 

... that he is OCD about: 
his desk, locking doors, folding undies, checking for his wallet, checking that the emergencies brake is off, double checking 15,000 times any decision we make, etc.

... that he hates it when I cry. 

... that he likes my family. 

... that he secretly babies the dogs. 

Ok...his ego is probably getting big...and I could go on and on. 
So I'll stop. 
I just love him for the imperfect perfect person he is. 

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Melissa B. said...

My hubby is OCD about folding laundry. But I'm thankful for that!