Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weekly Food Update for Fun


Playing catch up...

I get migraines monthly...not too horrible..but enough to make me miserable. I do take meds which are great but they really make me tired. I crave quiet time when I have a headache. In the past I've used the headaches as an excuse to eat poorly and not do much of anything when I was having them. Sometimes just going to work was the most I could do. Now I'm not letting them slow me down too much. I don't feed into them. I exercise with them or without them. I don't eat them away either like I used to. That being said yesterday's headache got the best of me. I waited too long to take the meds as I was at work - teaching. I had to stay very late at school and so when I got home I was a mess. I ate and got in bed!!! So no exercise for me!
I did eat well- still had 2 points I didn't use.

Today I took the meds before it got bad and the result was much better!!!

Walked three brisk miles with Jack- burned 330 calories! ( I have a Garmin GPS watch that is fun to use!)

B= Coffee w/ FF cream (2)
Banana -0
Luna protein bar-5

L = Turkey/ mustard/ ff cheese sandwhich = 4
Chicken and stars soup=2
lots of water
Snack= grapes -0

Dinner= 2 chicken/bean/lettuce/tom ( Hardly any cheese) chalupas- 8?
each= 16

29 points...

I am doing a nightly workout which includes:
10 pushups,butt tucks, = for about 15 minutes......

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