Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

What a year! So much to be grateful for. We had big losses~ Bubby's mom died from a horrible fast-moving cancer. My brother almost lost his foot to an infection...but he's still got it...minus a toe! We are set to close on our country house in a couple weeks. Parker is doing great in school and still playing basketball. I'm having a good year teaching despite all the added pressure of "No One Fails" and I'm loosing weight in the midst of it all, (Thanks Jack for making me walk)  finally...... oh and Bubby turned 50!!! 
Happy Thanksgiving

Bubby's Big Beautiful Delicious Chocolate on Chocolate Cake

Parker's First Varsity Game~ Warming Up

He didn't play much, so I had to use the warm up shots here. lol

Doing his thing on the bench...
clapping and cheering! 

I'm always thankful for my girl, Molly 

And my boy Jack!! 

Happy 2010 Thanksgiving! 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Checkin In

Been quite busy and out of sorts lately. It was my migraine week- had the headache for 5 days. It's still lingering, but for the most part gone. I worked through it and walked with it and I survived. As of this morning I'm down 30 lbs!! I'm happy. I'm in the mode of loosing. I even passed up the most delicious cake yesterday afternoon. I'll keep doing this as long as it feels right. I don't feel like I'm missing anything which is important.
I hosted Bunco....had fun and even drank wine. I couldn't concentrate though...but it felt good to relax. My friend is in the hospital- very very sick. I'm sooo worried about her when she gets out. I need to balance being selfish about my walks and visiting and helping her. My younger brother is having some issues. I worry about that too...not to mention the stress of work and wondering if our house will actually close!!! And to top it off- I had a horrible tooth ache last weekend which resulted in root-canal- which I got 1/2 last week and will have it finished today. AWK
But... I'm not eating my problems away. Walking has been the biggest de-stresser. Who knew? I sure didn't. I never gave myself enough time to make it a habit. I'm battling my back hurting. It's sore. Walking helps. I think when I get headaches I just want to crawl in bed and lay and that make my back no sleeping- got to fix that now!
I did buy pants two sizes smaller. I feel happy that I'm making progress. Baby steps. :) Here's to the next 30!!!