Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

What a year! So much to be grateful for. We had big losses~ Bubby's mom died from a horrible fast-moving cancer. My brother almost lost his foot to an infection...but he's still got it...minus a toe! We are set to close on our country house in a couple weeks. Parker is doing great in school and still playing basketball. I'm having a good year teaching despite all the added pressure of "No One Fails" and I'm loosing weight in the midst of it all, (Thanks Jack for making me walk)  finally...... oh and Bubby turned 50!!! 
Happy Thanksgiving

Bubby's Big Beautiful Delicious Chocolate on Chocolate Cake

Parker's First Varsity Game~ Warming Up

He didn't play much, so I had to use the warm up shots here. lol

Doing his thing on the bench...
clapping and cheering! 

I'm always thankful for my girl, Molly 

And my boy Jack!! 

Happy 2010 Thanksgiving! 

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Melissa B. said...

Looks like you and yours had a wonderful Turkey Day. Here's to many more to come!