Saturday, February 11, 2012

Still Learning

Even after loosing 55 lbs. I still find myself using food as a crutch. This week I let go and ate what I wanted. I've been sitting here grading papers and thinking about why....I have two reasons. I think. One is I'm very stressed with school this year and this week and last have been riddled with headaches, so I let myself let the headaches take over. In the past year I refused to "EAT" them away. Not this week. I wanted to eat and eat I did. Sunday I rode my mountain bike some 30 miles. It was exhausting. I fell and busted up my knee. Monday morning the scale was high. I let go of reason( yes, my second reason) and got sad about it( I know better- muscle weighs more at first) Thursday the scale was way down. But in the meantime I had let myself eat and eat and eat. But you know, I can't just remember to not let the scale rule my life. All I can do is let tomorrow be better and learn from today. I'm still learning.