Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Full Plate

So many things to think about!

Right now my plate is full. All I am wanting to do is be home and relax and begin to get in the holiday spirit and do some baking, some organizing, some shopping........but the reality is I have no time for all of that!!! There are several changes taking place in the next two weeks. First of all our house--15 miles outside of town, that we have been trying to sell for 1 and 1/2 years has all but sold. It was supposed to close Friday. However there was a glitch which stems from people not doing their job. So the homeowners were screwed and so were we. Bubby says it's their fault for not knowing what is going on. LOL but I don't think they did it on purpose. Anyhow if we are lucky it will be this next Friday, if not Monday, Dec. 13th.

 The next worry on my mind is Parker. He is wanting to quit basketball. As in forever. He has worked so hard his whole life, since age 5 when he started playing and now is ready to give it up. I understand that he is tired of it. The coach is extremely negative. Some of the things Parker tells us I can understand why he wants to quit. It will be a good thing in a way. Once must make a lot of sacrifices to play sports. I'm just not sure when the right time for Parker to quit is. First he wanted to finish the season, then he wanted to finish the next tournament, now he wants to quit right away!!! 

Can I talk school?  Budget cuts are finally hurting our district. Teachers are being moved around. So far no one has lost a job, but teachers who had had non- classroom jobs are being put into classrooms. This isn't always a good thing. While being in a classroom and being the actual teacher requires the most work, paper work etc, support teachers are important too. We are loosing most of the support systems at our school. We were told, you are loosing all the support you are used to and yes, we still expect the high standards we want and need. Good luck and remember- you still have a job. I feel for my co-workers who are being moved and switched at a whim. However, I do understand the state of Texas does not value education like it should and will not put the money where it needs to go. 

How does this affect me? Right now I just feel for my friend who has been out of the class room and in a position to help kids one-on -one and help us teachers with projects. This is an invaluable person. She is retiring because of the change...after she takes on sophomores and juniors....for 6 months.....I feel for her.

I spent yesterday at Parker's tournament and didn't get a lick of work done Saturday. So today( I've been awake since 4:30AM worrying about all this)  is groceries, laundry, grading papers and a wee bit of shopping. I have so many areas in this house that need attention. I guess those will wait. OH, and I'm not loosing weight. It's been two weeks. I'm holding steady. I'm ready to try the new WW points, but have to figure out how to get to a meeting. No time!! I'm still walking my three miles nightly, but I think it's not enough. argh. 

OK crappy post over. Just waiting for summer already! 

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