Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top 20 in 2010

Don't ya hate it when you have spent a good hour or so on a post and with the flick of a finger you loose it? 
Well that's what happened. 
So I guess I'll just write it again without pictures ~ because I can't torture myself doing that again! 

Top 20 Things in 2010 in my life~ 
In some kind of order.

1. Had back surgery- recovered well!!! Which is good because my disc was hitting a nerve going to my leg and it was quite painful to walk, sit, stand, or sleep. 

2. Got Jack- he was on his way to the death chamber and we rescued him or he rescued me. Yeah, he got me walking.

3. Parker played a lot of basketball and we watched a lot of basketball. Parker likes basketball. 

4. I dreamed about loosing weight over and over...but don't. 

5. I read Woman, Food, and gets me thinking.Seriously thinking. 

6. Parker quits AAU Basketball.He is starting to burn out on basketball. We now have time on the weekends and don't quite know what to do with ourselves. 

7. My brother gets an infection in his foot, finds out he's diabetic and ends up in the hospital for 6 weeks. We go up and help him move and then visit again to help with errands. Later it gets better, then another infection...looses his little of today is wearing a normal shoe again! 

8.Bubby's mom gets diagnosed with cancer. It is fast moving and attacks her organs. Within two months she is gone and all are sad. We both lost or moms in less than a year of each other. 

9. We sell our old bikes and get new bikes. I get a spiffy new blue Electra with puffy tires.  Parker and I ride and ride. We discover a park with paved trails. Fun! 

10.Parker pretends he's a stunt man and crashes his bike on a tall hill on a rough trail and proceeds to impale his arm with a twig. He gets stitches, X-rays, a soft cast and a nasty infection. He learns to be more careful. He hasn't done the trails since.

11.I dream about loosing weight...try to eat well and start walking. I ignore the scale. It's ugly. 

12.We plan a real summer vacation to the Cayman Islands. I stress about being in a bathing suit. I secretly don't want to go. But I kind of do. So I walk. 

13.July 1st. I start Weight Watchers at home. For some reason I stick to it. 

14.We go to Cayman. No one looks at me funny because there are too many other beautiful natural things to look at.

15.We get to play with stingrays, take a sail boat ride, take a boat ride and look for starfish, play with dolphins, go on a submarine, snorkel, kayak, swim,shop, and relax. 

16. I start loosing weight. I walk 3 miles a day. I feel amazing.

17.School starts and everyone is busy. Parker is a junior and I start my 19th year teaching 9th grade English. Parker is lucky if he gets home by 7PM. He complains a lot. I am always grading papers. I complain a lot. 

18. Parker reaches a breaking point and quits basketball for good sort of mid season. What a strange feeling. He coach was rude and continues to be nasty to him. I debate getting involved. Parker is handling it fine. 

19. We get to go on our ski trip with my brother and his family. 

It's snowy and cold and wonderful. Four days of skiing and over 8 feet of snow!!! Parker and his friends sure got their  snowboard yaya's out and I got my ski yaya's out. Bubby sat in the lodge and kept us a warm seat! 

20. We SELL OUR OTHER HOUSE after about 15 months of being on the market. We are so relieved and grateful. 
Merry Christmas and good-bye 2010!!! Until next year~ 

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