Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's Been One Year

 One Year. It's been that long since my mom died....I wrote about her plenty in the past,  so no more today....but she would be proud to know I've lost 20 lbs. since July.

She always always struggled with her weight from her 40's on up. Just like me. She was so tiny before. She claims it was the Polio she got when she was in her early 20's....after that she had to watch her weight.

I say it was having 6 kids and being of German descent. Just go to one of our family reunions and you will see what I'm talking about!

 In her later years when she had diabetes she got much bigger, then  when she was 75 or so she went off the insulin and onto some other medication and the weight fell off. She had both knees replaced, her back worked on, was diabetic, had numerous (odd I think) little do- dads of illnesses,  and so exercise was hard for her. But she did water aerobics and took care of her own house and garden with minimal help from her kids. Yes, at age 79 she had a garden.

Anyway, Mom...Hello Up There ... I'm doing great! I'm exercising every day. Still battling headaches, but fewer (hurry menopause- my doc thinks they will stop then)  and fewer. My job is going well and I'm eating like a healthy person- you would be pleased. Miss you :)


Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

Oh, Melva, that's so sweet.

Sad anniversary. HUGS.....

I remember the story of how she wanted to go to Tavern on the Green..... I'm sure there's one in Heaven.

Leah said...

It will be three years on October 15th since I lost my parents. Anniversaries are so hard aren't they? When will they ever get easier?

Jan said...

What a beautiful tribute to Aunt Mabel. I miss her too. Love you.