Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I've been walking thanks to this guy~
Jack keeps me on my toes for sure. If you don't walk him, he lets you know by incessantly hounding ( haha) you to death. Tonight Parker and I did a mile with him and Molly.
  Honestly a mile isn't enough for Jack, but it's all we had time for as Parker had lots of homework.

Tonight I walked fast, so fast that it became a run. Yes a run. Me. Uh huh. Bad back  and bad heal and I can still trot.

Of course Parker could walk as fast as my run but he's a 15 year old athlete :) It felt so good!!!!

Thank you Jack for keeping me moving!!!!
  PS I forgive you for the Gatoraide bottle you chewed up that still had Gatoraide in it which is now all over my bedroom carpet. Sigh. 

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