Sunday, April 18, 2010

That's What I'm Talking About

I've was watching a woman walking with her young boys. She was helping the younger one on a tricycle thingy while the older one was on his Razor scooter. I remember Parker at both those ages and how much fun we had going on walks. But my first thought was I'm glad he's older. I thought at every age it was the "best"age, but as he gets older I enjoy him more and more. How can that be? I loved the baby stage, I loved the toddler stage, I loved the elementary years and middle school years. It just gets better and better. It doesn't get easier just better. 
This car stage is fun. He turns 16 in June and already got his new car. He is becoming more and more responsible every day. I love it. Soon he will be gone. That's OK because I expect it to just get better and better. It always does! 

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