Sunday, February 22, 2009

From Where I Sit

 From where I sit I see a lot of teenagers. I'm around teenagers all day. Even at home!

I really like being with teenagers but sometimes....I don't. They talk a lot. Have you noticed?

Like when I'm talking and of course it's really important and they want to talk to each other about non-important stuff like what they did last night and who said what to whom and who won the game and why she is crying and that he is hot and how cute your handwriting is  and oh I like your purse  and dude can I have some paper and my mom took my phone away and now I'm grounded and no I didn't do the homework did  you? And well you get the idea. 

Hmmmm. Ok, so maybe that stuff is a wee bit important. Probably a hundred times really more important than knowing who Pip is  or who Jay Gatsby is or any of the other interesting characters we read about, but well, I feel compelled to share these characters with them. 

So I am patient. 

I let them get their yaya's out and then I try to lure them into my world...if only for a while until the bell rings and they start up again....where do you go next and what are you doing this weekend and isn't he so funny and yes I had fun in here did you? 

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