Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dear Parker,

Sweet child of mine. 

Ok...I know I see you every day, but I thought a letter might be more appropriate since you are so busy over spring break doing really important things like playing video games and basketball. So if you have a minute I have a few questions for you. 

First of all, did you know you have a designated place for your socks to go when you are finished wearing them? And the hall or the family room isn't one of them? 

And did you know that your four pairs of shoes scattered through various parts of the house isn't really attractive and you do have not one, but two closets in your room they could go in? 

Oh and did you know that your Ipod and phone are yours and not to be confused with food? I wonder because you always leave them on the table. 

Did you know I pulled out 6...yes 6 ...1/2 full bottles of Gatoraide from the fridge yesterday? Thank you for kindly finishing them off before opening a new one. 

And finally how do you manage to take care of these things when you are in school, doing homework and going to practice everyday with practically no free time and on spring break when you have NOTHING you have to do you can't remember to put this stuff up????? 

Just Wondering.

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