Friday, August 6, 2010

Gratitude and Prayer

I started reading Eat, Pray, and Love a year ago and stopped for some reason. So since the movie is coming out starting Julia Roberts, I decided yesterday that I wanted to finish it. In the book she goes to three places in year. The first place is Italy and I read that yesterday. Then I started the India visit.'s different. I'm into what she is saying and it all makes sense (I think),  but there is so much to remember and it's such a different mind set to have a Guru and go to an Ashram and meditate and do yoga with a yogi and get up at 3a.m. and not talk for many hours. 

But it has inspired me this morning to remember to be grateful for the people, opportunities and things in my life. I stopped asking for things in my prayers long ago and started simply being grateful 
(Ok, I ask Mother Mary for certain things since she too is a mom and can understand and I think she is good about listening!)
I do acknowledge the want or need I or a friend might have and acknowledge that I am thankful for the opportunity either positive or negative and the opportunity it gives. 

I usually always start my gratitude list with this guy or my husband. I especially like that he has the same sense of humor as me and is always teasing and joking. (unless he's hungry)

I put the typical things on it....Thank You for our beautiful home, the people in my life, my dogs, my job, my ability to work, my ability to care, on and on....

Instead of concentrating on missing my mom so much I am thankful for all the wonderful years we got with her and that Parker and her were so close. So thankful for that! It helps. 

This summer I'm so grateful to have the time to think and play with blogs and read a lot of amazing blogs and exercise and get back on track with my emotions.  
As school starts up my focus will change and I will be so involved in my job and the extra duties I have this year and I will really miss and crave this time. But thankfully I will be able to do it and have the ability to do it well. 
Thank You!


Amy said...

I'm reading Eat Pray Love right now as well! I've just started the Indonesia part. Can't wait to go see the movie. Wish you were here so we could see it together :)

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

Oh, I like your gratitude list a lot. The everyday people and activities that we often take for granted should always make our list.

Parker looks like such a sweet boy! Although teenagers do not appreciate that description, us moms do about our kids!