Sunday, April 14, 2013

April Goal: Consistancy

Lack of consistency is my problem. 
"It's not what we do occasionally that makes the difference~it's what we do consistently."

 I got this from somewhere and it spoke to me. If I don't do much else I'd like to learn to apply the habits I've learned consistently and without waiver. 


The first photo was taken in 2010 when I finally decided to be appalled at myself. This vacation was at the beginning of my journey. The next photo was in 2012- and 50 pounds lighter. I'm still holding in that same area although I'm no where near where I want or need to be. Since 2011 when the weight stopped coming off I've started and stopped a thousand times. The only thing I've stayed consistent with is my exercise and my better eating habits which seems to be all it takes to maintain. So my goal for April is to simply be consistent in my journaling and point control. No excuses for this girl. 

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