Friday, January 1, 2010


                                                            Molly~ January 1st, 2020

Here are my new resolutions for the New Year. 

The first set involves HEALTH
1. Make an extreme effort to walk every day. I will start with a walk to the mail box. Then a ten minute walk...then more as my back permits. As I get my back/ leg better I will use walking as my stress reliever outside connection. 
2. I want to use Yoga as a tool for strengthening my body. I will do a pose a day and work up from there. 
3. I will journal all my food every day. Good or Bad. 
4. I will take more of an active stance on my back/leg. I will try to get it fixed. Surgery or not, I've got to end the pain. 
5. Keep Moving. Keep Moving. Keep Moving. Keep Moving. 
6. I will loose weight. I have set a goal of 25 lbs to be reached by summer. I'll adjust as necessary. :) 

The second set involves my MIND
1. I want to read more books. A goal is 12 books this year. I'll start with the four I'm currently reading and not finished with!
2. I want to blog regularly. I will keep the weight loss blog and the other blog updated at least weekly. If I do more...then great.
3. I need a hobby. I am interested in photography. I need to pursue that. I'll look into classes. 
4. I will keep up with Bunco and force myself to be more social. I will talk more in groups.

Well that's all I've got for now. It's a big order to fill. It seems doable right now...but then I'll get a headache and make an excuse. Or my back will hurt and I'll be so down that I will not walk. I guess the important thing is to get back up and try again. :) 

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