Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Am Happy and Nice

I like Jason Mraz's music, but mostly his attitude. He is so positive. 

 Why is it easier to affirm “something’s wrong” than to say “everything’s great?”
Isn’t it strange for us to say, “I’m lazy. I’m fat. I’m no good,” thereby creating our life experience to be one that is late, tired, and worthless. Leave it to our egos to keep us in that small game and hold us back. If you haven’t started yet, I invite you take on affirmations that brighten your day. Create a bigger life for yourself simple by saying things like, “I am tireless, perfect being. I have access to everything and I am complete.”(taken from his FB notes) 

The hardest part about my days when I have to work is when I'm fighting off a headache. I tell myself, OK it's survival just get through the day and I do. But lately I've been telling myself. Smile. Have fun~ headache or not. Absorb the day. Soak it in. It's so hard to make my frown become a smile. It really does take a lot more energy. But I think it pays off. My students who left my academy class had to pick their favorite academy teacher and say why they were their favorite. As I collected the forms for the administrator  I peeked at what they wrote, and one kid wrote. Mrs. Gloden is my favorite because she is always happy and nice. I thought to myself. I'm not always happy nor am I nice. However, I try to be to them.  And the more I try to feel, really feel happy, the more I become it. 
 It then radiates from me and the nicer I am :) 
 My little happy place. 

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