Saturday, May 8, 2010

My New Walking Partner

I'm finally walking.
I found a great new walking buddy.
 He also has the perk of being cute and full of personality.
We go and go and he never complains that I'm walking too fast or too slow even though I know secretly he'd like to go faster.
He is such a good sport.
He also is a great motivator and will never let me try and beg out of going.
 He makes sure I keep my end of the bargain. 
Thanks Jack!!! 
For keeping me walking which I so very much need. 
Never mind about the two bedspreads, flip flops, two reading glasses, 10 magazines, basketball shoes, rugs, socks, stains, and miscellaneous other articles you've managed to chew up. 
I know you are a good guy and I think I'll keep you around a bit. 
Who knew you'd be such a good dog after all!! 

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