Sunday, July 1, 2012


I've completed almost a week of being back on Weight Watchers. It's been great because I'm not having any internal guilt. Only lots of hunger! Hunger for me means I'm loosing weight. I'm back to under 190 which is good. I feel I can continue this way again. Just getting past the first couple of weeks is hard. I'm wanting to bump up my workouts. Riding the bike once a week or so isn't near enough. This week my biggest battle was the weather. When I rode on Thursday, the temps were hovering between 95-100. It just seems to zap my strength, however I did it. Lots of people were out there, so I'm not letting heat stop me anymore. Just need to get past the nausea I tend feel when it's that hot. Lots going on today…will write about it later….

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