Friday, November 23, 2012

Is It Too Late to Start Running?

Do you run?? I wanna run. I wanna go and go and go. That's what I love about biking. When I bike, the more effort I put into it, the more return I get. I feel running is that way. If I put more effort into it I can just keep going. I run a bit here and there, but nothing I can really couldn't as running. I have a fantasy that I could do a 5 k…then maybe a 10 K and eventually walk/ run a half marathon. Awkkkk   Two months ago I ran 1/2 mile and did something painful to my knee. I thought that I was done in the running department, but now that the pain is gone, maybe I can try again???? Maybe this time I can start slower. Help. I wanna run. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm gonna try.
 Walk/run/walk/run. Slow and steady.
I'm pretty sure this is how I'll look running. Yes, that was 40 lbs ago,
but I still have a big behind not to mention BB's. Ha Ha 

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