Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Last Night

Juniors in high school. Where will they end up?? 

So Parker didn't go off to college after all. He decided at the last minute to stay home. I'm not sure if he really wasn't ready or if having a newly acquired girlfriend had anything to do with it. I suspect both. We have a great university, UTSA, within a couple of miles of our house and he has chosen to start there and end up in Austin at UT~ that's his current plan anyway. I'm happy knowing where he is and what he is doing.

But having a kid in college whether he is home or away is different. They come and go. He works and goes to school. Days go by and I barely see him- our schedules are so different.  It's good though. I don't have the same worries about grades I had in high school nor do I feel the need to monitor his comings and goings. He's figuring it out.

Last night his best friend from college, who did decide to go away, came by for a visit. Then another friend showed up. We plied them with questions and Parker got to hear what he was missing out on. But then they left to go eat. When they got home and hubby and I were tucked away in bed. I could hear them.  I  heard laughter and conversations. I head the stampede of feet going up and down stairs.  I heard the fridge open and shut. It felt like when they were little. It felt good. Like old times. I hope that never goes away. I hope at least for the next few years they can meet up and laugh and act like the little kids they used to be. Growing up and growing apart is natural, but it's nice to laugh and remember. 

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