Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Ok Folks....I did something this morning I haven't done in years. I've been wanting to try it for a while. I walked 4.5 miles!!  (I've only been doing 1.5 miles at a time) Ever since my minor back surgery in January, subsequent back-aches here and there, heel issues, knee issues, I've been either chicken or too lazy to try pushing it.  This morning I had three things going for me:
1. It was a bit cooler. Still humid, but cooler and breezy. 
2. I tried Jack without his pinch collar. BIG mistake. He pulled the entire 1.5 mile loop I make with him. When we got home I dropped him off, got my IPOD and kept going. It was SO easy at first without a 60lb puppy dragging me along! 
3. I felt enormously guilty for not doing anything yesterday ( Monday) so I wanted to make up for it. 
I did it!!!
Now 7 hours later my knees and thighs are stiff and my back is a bit achy. Nothing major. I'll take my Motrin tonight and will be fine!  Once I get moving I'm ok. My heel isn't too bad. I feel like I can do this more often.

I would say I walked at a low to moderate pace...so that gives me between 5 and 7 points extra. I usually don't use them, but today at lunch I was ravenous. Ate at Alamo Cafe...fajita tacos, rice/bns/guac/pico/queso. I left quite a bit of beans/rice/queso. Probably was 18 points. Well probably less. Who knows! For dinner I had a baked potato w/ yogurt butter and green beans....w/ breakfast my total so far is 33 pts. With the activity points I'm ok. :)

This is Jack. He walks me every day!! 


Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

I love Jack! He's so cute from the front. (Probably not so cute from the behind, being dragged. My two beagles do that, too. They weigh a total of 75 pounds.)

Bravo for you, doing such a long walk.

My son is 16 going on 39 somedays, and 11 on others. How about yours?

Melva said...

Oh Genie he is the same. He's driving now and seems so grown up and at the same time still plays in the back yard like he did when he was little.....:)

We used to have beagles..I miss their silliness!