Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Disaster...Well Sort Of

Ok. When your 16 year old asks  you to do something with him, first you take it as a compliment and then you accept.
 We got our new bikes. 
I've been researching bike trails in the area especially the one that is close to our home.
 I planned on trying it...sometime.
Parker informs me last night that he really wanted to try out those trails. 
Would I go with him? Today?This morning? Of course I said ok.
My new bike isn't a mountain bike nor an off- road bike. 
It's a cruiser. Street cruiser. For streets. I tell him the last thing I want to do is get a flat tire.
So be patient with me. 
See where this is going?
We head out and discover a beautiful pond and some amazing trails. 

All is going well.
  It took a lot longer than I expected because he kept going off trails and I stopped to gawk a lot.
 We left at 9 A.M. and it was already hot.
 But riding a bike gives you a nice breeze. 

Lots of the trails HE took looked like this. I knew better. 
He coaxes me into one. "It's smooth Mom." 
Uh huh. Smooth is relative. 
But I did it and it was fun even though I don't have a mountain bike like him.
 I did a few more short ones. Tempting fate I guess. 
So on we go to our destination.
Well sort of. We couldn't find the right path to go the last mile. 
We made it three miles though. 
We can't find the trail head leading to the last area and I just follow him not really caring as long as I'm moving and getting a breeze. He ends up heading back. 
A mile into the ride which I was enjoying immensely knowing I would soon be in my air-conditioned care, I encounter two burly bikers side by side taking up the trail. They don't budge so I did what Parker did and took an undeveloped trail around the tree that was making the path so narrow. 
Parker meantime is going on these off -shoots and catching up with me, circling me, yada yada yada. 
So I'm slow. So what.

Anyways.... I start hearing a funny noise. 
It won't go away. Sheesh.
I finally get off my bike. 
Oh shoot, I discover that my back tire is flat. 
Dang. I shouldn't have gone around that last tree. 
Long story short, well not really but, I had to walk the bike the last two miles.
Parker was worried about me. What could should we do??
I told him just keep going and I'll walk the bike back. No biggie. 
I said,"Ride all you want and wait at the car for me or come and find me. I don't care," LOL
 He rode ahead and came back and said, 
"About two more miles Mom."
So I walked it...he ended up putting his bike on the rack and walking to meet me which I didn't want him to do since someone could have taken his bike, but he got my bike from me and walked it back.
 I was hot and thirsty.
 I didn't have my walking shoes. 
My face was beet red. 
But I put music on my iPhone and walked and enjoyed the scenery despite the darn sun beating down on me like a fiery ball of fire that it is. 
But I made it and enjoyed it in the end.

Lessons learned: 
1. No trails on the Townie!!!!!!
2. Wear walking shoes when you ride just in case.
3. Take more water.
4. Expect the unexpected. 

No disaster is a disaster as long as you keep smiling and your kid is looking out for you! 

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Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

That's a sweet story. When your 16-year-old son wants you to do something with him, you can't turn him down, that's for sure. I'm glad you said "yes" to the ride, even if it turned into a walk.

They'll never remember all of the meals we've cooked or the laundry we've done... But the time that you got the flat tire riding on the trail with him, he will never forget.