Monday, July 12, 2010

Until Then

I keep thinking, and I know this is the worst thing a person can do, I keep thinking when I'm thinner I'll shop here or there. When I'm thin I'll have more confidence to go out and more energy to go places. When I'm thin I'll be a better wife and a better person all round. HUH?
I know from the past though, that's a bunch of bull~ even though I sometimes forget and think it's true. It really is all about  the journey to get there and not the end result.

So until then, because then maybe never be now, I am working on living in the moment and making each and every moment special and important. Each and every moment significant. Lot's of amazing things are happening in my world every day and I must honor these events good or bad.
I feel so wise. Like Yoda I feel. Oh and I never take myself seriously!!!!

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Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

Good rules to live by, Melva. You're so right that thin doesn't solve everything.

Those are some big ears!! You can't be serious!