Monday, July 12, 2010


I love summer. Besides the fact that I don't work in the summer, it's a time when I get to do the things I like the most~ sleep, read, swim, walk, be alone!  Most importantly I can go to the grocery store during the week and not fight the crowds like I usually have to do on the weekends! 

 Last summer for me was basketball and a sick mother. Every weekend I was either at Parker's tournaments or out of town at my mom's side. It wasn't the most ideal situation. 

This summer is so different. Parker quit his travel basketball team to concentrate on the school team and of course my mom is now gone, so we have all this time. What to do? Take a vacation of course. With my husband turning 50, we decided to splurge and go somewhere tropical....He picked the Cayman Islands. We leave Saturday. It will be so good to get away for a bit. I'm not thrilled about being in public in my bathing suit. That's a no- no for me. I figure I'll either keep a pina coloda in my hand or wear sunglasses so people can't see the mortification in my eyes. Either way I'm determined to enjoy it. I'm also determined to get some walking in.  I will have lots of pictures with my new Fuji camera that is water proof and lots of fun moments I'm sure. I will have to take out Parker's stitches while we are there...but that's another story. I love summer. 
My summers used to include a visit from cousins in Washington. We always took out-of-towners to White Sands in NM. This is my cousin Danny and myself many years ago! 

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Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

Your vacation sounds lovely - ENJOY! Don't let that bathing suit thing get you down.

You were as gorgeous as a teenager as you are now!