Sunday, January 4, 2009

Here Piggy Piggy ...

Well these cute pigs aren't the kind we get in our front yard. These are much cuter. They are a gift from my sister and mom to remind me of the pigs we get in the front yard. That is before we put up an electric fence.  That is one of the perks ( cough cough) of living outside the city. The feral hogs visit your lawn and rip up that grass. At first it was interesting...then it became upsetting. 

In response to this my husband put up an electric fence that is supposed to keep them out. Some say it's too low...some say it's ok. The neighborhood association hired some trappers and one guy even asked if he could shoot one on our lawn if he saw it!!!! I just know they haven't been around in a while and I'm ok with that!!!  Who knew that living in the out here would be so interesting. 

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