Saturday, January 17, 2009

Miss. I Just Don't Have Anything To Write About

 I like Blogging. It's becoming something I look forward to at night.

 But sometimes it is hard to find something to write about. 
Then I will look at pictures. 
Then I might be inspired. 

Is this how teenagers feel when we ask them to write?
 I would say 95% of them just start writing. But what about the rest...the Miguels in my class? Here is a kid who skipped all last year. He's lower socioeconomically and from a single parent home. At the beginning of this year he wouldn't make eye contact with me. He speaks in whispers. He is uncomfortable in school and yet you can tell he's OK with being in my class.  In fact just recently he complimented me on an outfit I was wearing. That was HUGE coming from him. This year his mother who doesn't speak English walked him to class, sat with him and to this day walks him into the school every morning. It's because of her efforts that he now comes every day.  He's a junior. She is a GREAT parent. Miguel is in class!!!!But he won't write. Oh he can because I know he is smart. He's yet to write an essay though  because he says he just can't find the words. 
I told him:  Write about your MOM. He smiles: OK ...yet he produces nothing. He's got to pass the TAKS test in 6- weeks or he won't graduate. :) 

I have a tough job ahead of me. I think I'm going to give the class a project. They have to bring 5 pictures from home and can be current or old. Next week we will write about them :) These journals, writer's notebook....will be their blog on paper. I hope they can be inspired.  Who knows I might have a future blogger in my class :) 

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