Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Job

This is where I spend much of my day. It's my second home. As a teacher I don't spend a whole lot time actually sitting, but I do have to use the computer a lot. It wasn't long ago there wasn't a computer in the classroom. I remember talking to other teachers saying they should make a program where you can take attendance on the computer. That would save so much time. Now it's  the norm. Parents can see grades, discipline, and absences online and in real time. There is no such thing as a grade book, although dinosaurs like me still improvise and use one- even though it's not official. I can't just input grades with writing them down first. What if I forget to save?  Some people are like me; they can't let go of the old way. The new teachers can though. They trust the computer. Who knew I'd ever consider myself "old school." 

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