Monday, January 26, 2009

Old Pictures

Laura and Elo 
I love looking at old pictures. I often wonder why people looked so serious. In all the pictures you see everyone has the same serious look. Everyone is dressed in their best clothes and it's usually dark colors. The top picture are my maternal grandparents, Elo and Laura. Sadly they eloped and my grandmother's father never spoke to them again. Very stubborn German man I guess. My mom says he didn't think my grandfather was good enough for her and forbid the marriage.  The bottom picture is my grandmother, Laura (all the way on the left) and her whole family.  Notice all the matching dresses. She bought a bolt of the same cloth and made all the kids their Sunday dresses. She and my grandfather went on to have 9 children. My grandmother died in her 70's and my grandfather died at 95. Who knew when they took those photos their image could possibly bee seen around the world. I bet they couldn't even fathom that back then. 


Myra said...

Gosh, I sure would like to get all those pictures too. I was thinking Mom was one of eleven....
Just 9? LOL, JUST?

Jen said...

Very nice old pictures. I am with you I love old pictures. I am currently in the process of digitizing all of my grandfathers pictures and things. It is great but is very time consuming.