Friday, January 16, 2009

Excuses Excuses

Ever have one of those day where you just have a brain fart and forget something you normally do? I did yesterday. I didn't blog. hahahah It didn't even occur to me to do it.....:)Yeah, that's a good excuse..uh huh....I really wish I had a better the ones above...hahaha But I don't. Oh well, so much for blogging everyday for a month....:) Today is the end of the semester at my HS and we tested all week. So glad it's over....Monday is a holiday!!! YEY....Tuesday we start in full speed. We are going to be studying mythology and The Odyssey. Here are some of the excuses I have on my white board for kids not doing homework. I think over the years I've heard just about all these!!! Who knew I'd need one for yesterday!!

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